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Who I AM

My name is Jonathan Paz but everyone on the internet knows me as "RootByte", i currently work as WebTraficker, at night I love finding and demonstrating security flaws as a SecurityResearcher helping companies to improve their CyberSecurity, I also like to play COD and upload my gameplays to my facebook fanpage or YouTube Channel :)

What I Do

RootByte will assess your systems for any existing vulnerabilities. These may include common vulnerability types such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, and Remote Code Execution.

By securing your assets, we can prevent attackers from exfiltrating sensitive data or compromising your systems.

A sample of some of the companies we have helped to date:

Those are just a few examples, to this day I've been helping more than a thousand sites around the world, here is a small list of companies I've helped

Stay tuned ;)

rootbyte [at]